Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Basic Decided Outline for mag

0+ author's hex (16|spell)
[a] cover story : [ for May'09 decided on JavaFX - easy GUI+FX wid Java ]

1+ da Edge:
latest info, trivia

2+ H/W
lots of sections with current and in-making highlights

3+ S/W
tested apps, tweaking info., section for Windows-Linux-Mac

4+ TechLab
troubleshoot, mini Guide

5+ Workshop
tutorials on actually developing applications under several sections

6+ Networked

7+ 4U
wat u say, wat i say, xtra bit

an online e-mag for Computer Geeks

a monthly e-mag by name "a.Bioic" planning to start at my Website from May'2009 for Computer Geeks like me... having original Video Tutorials, Text Tutorials, Articles, Links, etc.

updates of the mag 'n highlights will be posted here on this blog..

I've started working on it... any suggestions are welcome...