Monday, October 18, 2010

wanna do Certification Course... think '3ice'

It has been a long time, since I've been hearing from all friends about 'thinking of doing' Certification Courses... and I've been giving them philosophy about why and why not, truly speaking maximum talk was on 'Why Not'.

Recently in pasty few weeks, total 5 people expressed their desire to do a certification course... so I thought why not give it a form, easing my psycho philosophy to be understood by them and all others and may be could also help some make a decision rather just following trends seen among masses.

if (
  ( wanna_buy_a_Certificate_to_your_Resume == true ) ||
  ( likes_Topic_but_unable_to_understand == true ) ||
  ( tried_Learning_but_Confusions_don't_clear == true ) ){

     suggestion = "OK... Just Do It";


     suggestion = "Could always get a mentor (next-door or next-tech-forum) to guide,";

     suggestion += "Show your knowledge online 'cuz Certs ain't guarantee either,";

     suggestion += "Online resources are way more richer than what they are gonna tell";


 so you wanna do Certification Course... think '3ice'