Thursday, September 23, 2010

FB went offline, people were like they lost their Surrogates

I just remembered the climax of a fantastic 'Bruce Willis' movie named 'Surrogates' ( released last year, if you somehow missed the sight of it.

I was trying to open up my FaceBook HomePage on 23/Sep/2010 night, and it took like 5 minutes to load, followed by an error-message when I tried to post a message. I tried to refresh the entire page and what it said was "Service Unavailable -DNS Failure". Now, I don't know whether it was some un-expected update, a DoS attack, their infrastructure failed or some other digital/mechanical failure.
But, one thing I noticed is the amount of chaos it created and the magnitude of people tweeting, texting and mailing their failure to get on FaceBook. And, when it came back online... the LOL!!! and OMG!!! flying all over my news feeds from all contacts.
Even I tweeted it once... and even this blog-post could be called as an out-come too.

It reminded me of the shell-shocked faces of all human-natives of the Surrogates coming out of their houses when their Surrogates went dis-functional.

"oooooh I lost my Surrogated FaceBook Avatar"

and this reminds me one of fine lines from 'Sharon Stone' movie named 'Sliver' ( which goes like "Get A Life"